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Home Practitioners Mim Gleeson

Mim Gleeson

Adv. Dip Nut Med

My role as a natural therapist is very true to my personal beliefs and way of life. Through my studies and experience in clinical settings I have developed the skills and passion for creating pathways into actively addressing my clients' health concerns.

Working from each angle, encompassing both mental and physiological aspects, provides a balanced and achievable health result for treating health conditions and improving general well-being.

A supportive environment for my clients is a priority; with evidence-based education and plans that adapt easily to each individual lifestyle. Education and support is a constant through each consultation and treatment, ensuring more effective results and a complete understanding of your own health and personal nutrition journey.

Specialized areas

My research passion and clinical focus is Auto-Immune conditions; helping people manage these conditions that can be a daily strain on their lives both physiologically and emotionally. I am specialised in treating Coeliac Disease and Gluten intolerance/sensitivity.

Gluten Free living? No problem!

I can help show you and teach you:

  • Places where you can eat (safely)
  • Where to shop/what food brands are best (taste better / are healthier / value for money)
  • How to cook and recipes that are simple and delicious
  • What to avoid
  • How to budget and minimize costs
  • How to manage food anxiety how to create a lifestyle that eases the stress about limitations and restrictions and helps with the comfort of simply feeling more 'normal'.