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When my Father wrote “Better Health through Natural Healing” it was a revelation. At the time, health information was a walled garden, with health practitioners holding all the keys. The first edition of this book helped open the doors to quality, useful health information for everyone. He wrote it in a particular style, this was not a book dumbed down for the ‘layman’, it was meticulously researched, written with medical terminology but still clear enough for everyone to understand. As a result, the book not only became a definitive reference on common ailments for the public and also with health care practitioners, especially Naturopaths. Many Naturopaths use it as their ‘go-to’ reference text, as opposed the thick, expensive and ponderously written textbooks.

The reputation of the book gave me serious pause when I was asked to contribute to the third edition. My contribution was only moderate; I snuck in chapters on the most common conditions that I teach about on a day-today basis. I updated the section on back pain to encompass advances in our understanding of spinal “core” stability. I added chapters on Jaw pain, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The real work came from my father. He updated and revised the whole body of the text. Really this book is an extension on my father’s commitment to give everyone the knowledge and skills to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

Better Health Through Natural healing 3rd Edition is being published through Random House in the United States and Lotus publishing in the UK, making the book available to the largest markets.

Australian publishers will be next, for the time being the book will be available exclusively at the Authors’ clinics and online:

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